Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you able to offer lower prices on many items while others are the same everywhere I shop?
There are a number of reasons for this.  Many manufacturers are beginning to set their retail prices which forces all online retailers to publish the same exact pricing.  They do this to help funeral homes, giving them an opportunity to have a competitive advantage.  While this is true of some, many others do not set pricing and each business determines what they want to sell the product for.  At Overnight Urns we always try to have competitive pricing although we are not always the lowest.

I saw a similar urn on another website for much less, what's the difference?
In some cases although an urn looks the same on multiple sites, it does not mean you are comparing an apple to an apple.  For example, there are many companies importing their own product which looks very similar to that of long-standing manufacturers who pride themselves on having the highest quality.  Overnight Urns only deals with products from the most reputable manufacturers and does not import its own products.  Everything we sell would be comparable to the high quality of products found at many of your local funeral home.  

Does the proof approval process delay shipping?
Our staff works diligently to get a proof to you within an hour of your order (during normal business hours).  It is important to note that no engraving will be completed without a signed approval.  If the approval is received by 1:30PM EST the product will generally ship the same day otherwise item will not ship until the following business day.  If you are in a rush for any product, especially a personalized one, please contact us at immediately so our customer service professionals can work with you to meet your needs.